Monday, October 03, 2005

The incredible 28 inch ding dong...

Magnum "Extra Large" condoms by Trojan are easily the most gimmicky thing to ever be created in this world of ours. As you can see in the picture, a typical condom will easily blow up to well over two feet in length, with a width that is appropriate for that length.

But Trojan, knowing that most men are insecure about their masculinity, decided to capitalize on this by basically announcing that if you don't buy the extra large condoms (at that time they were sold only by Trojan), then you must have a small penis. This sales tactic worked (and still works) especially well in stores with a cute young female clerk running the register, because guys cannot resist the temptation to (even indirectly) brag about how large they are in that department... You guys know what I mean... the sly grin as they make a huge point of "accidentally" drawing attention to the pack of Magnums during the checkout procedure.

Angry Internet Guy says, "Only an idiot would fall for such blatant tactics. (Besides they're too small for Angry Internet Guy anyway.)"

Back to intelligunt desine for a moment

Back to my previous topics relating to Bush-bashing and intelligent design for a moment...

I was reading through various blogs today when I came across this parody ad that caught my attention. It linked to this page, complete with instructions on how to claim your PS2.

Anyway, I ended up spending a good half hour on the site (and their store) checking out their content. (I'm still not sure if they're pro-religion or anti-religion... LOL)

Here are some of the ones I liked:

Does it really MATTER what we teach in public schools? It's not like the kids are actually paying attention anyway.

Look at the phone. 'Nuff said. ;)

Best... Caption... Ever...

And while I'm on the topic, here's a few random goodies from their store (bumper stickers, etc.)


Jesus was a liberal Jew

Support your local pedophile. Attend a Catholic church.

The last time Jesus showed up at church, they killed him.

Unsaved People Suck

God Ble$$ You

I'm intelliguntly desined by the Baby Jesus, man! (Cut out photo of George W Bush's head next to it)

There are a load of others, all interesting (though offensive) in the right context.