Sunday, October 16, 2005

People who sue McDonalds because they are fat

Some people just need smacked. Hard.

Ok, this one really baffles me. We live in a world where people can eat nothing but McDonalds if they so desire, and then try and sue McDonalds because they got fat? Are you freakin' kidding me?

It isn't as if McDonalds was promoting their SuperSize fries as diet food. They've got a burger called the Big Mac. Not the diet mac, but BIG MAC. Big. Full of fattening grease and sauce. And good. REEEEeeeeally good. Good enough to want more than one. But not good enough to qualify as being addicting, as some have claimed. I mean, if you don't have the self control to "not" eat 5 Big Macs a day, then you're going to get fat. Deal with it. I'm sorry, but all you have to do is -NOT- eat tons of Big Macs instead of -EATING- tons of Big Macs, and your weight issue will kinda start going away, or at least not get worse. As a wise man (er, Vogon) once said, "Apathetic bloody planet. I've got no sympathy at all." I love Big Macs (as well as most everything else on the Mickey-D's menu), but I don't eat them all day, every day, and once in a while I have a carrot. It's not really that difficult to figure out, for Christ's sake.

Another great lawsuit is the whole slew of them against the tobacco companies. It says right on the package "This $#!+ will kill you", and yet people buy them and then wonder why they can't breathe. I smoke about a pack a day. Been smoking since I was 11, and I'm now 32. That's 21 years. I knew going into it that they were bad for me, but I didn't care. I wanted to look cool. (Of course, they're no longer in fashion, and smokers are treated as social pariahs... So much for my social life, huh?)

Angry Internet Guy says, "If you do something stupid and it makes you unhappy, that's your own fault, so stop freakin' complaining about how society steered you wrong and change your own habit, dumbass!"

See Tommy. See Tommy suck. Bad Tommy!

NFL Week 6. Jacksonville visits the Steelers at Heinz Field. Steelers are the Vegas favorite by 3 points. The game goes to overtime and Tommy Maddox (Pittsburgh quarterback, number 8) fumbles the ball on a snap, watches it land at his feet, and doesn't even pretend to fall on it.


Aside from that horrible play, he later threw an easy interception to Jacksonville's Rashean Mathis, who returned it 41 yards for the game-winning touchdown. Mathis might have gotten stopped short of the goalline, but the last player with a chance to stop him was (you guessed it...) Tommy Maddox, who, once again, completely failed to even pretend like he was trying to win.

I think that an investigation of point shaving is in order at this point, as Tommy Maddox seemed to be rather obvious in his efforts to thwart the Steelers attempt to cover the point spread.

In Angry Internet Guy's opinion (which is, of course, the only voice that matters on the internet), Tommy Maddox should never be allowed to touch the football again. If Big Ben and Charlie Batch were both out for injuries, I'd suggest bringing in one of the "special" fans in the handicapped seating section instead of letting that bum on the field to throw another game.

As a special treat, would someone be so kind as to point Coach Cowher in the direction of this post? You know, mention it on the forum or something. (Which, incidentally, is using sadly outdated software... You'd think that at $300 a ticket, the Steelers would be able to afford a decent $189 version of Invision, or at least a FREE copy of phpBB, right?) It's only fair that someone warn him that God's a bit of a Roethlisberger fan. He even has one of those official NFL jerseys, not a replica. (It's good to be omnipotent, I suppose... You can get the really cool stuff, and sometimes you even get free shipping if you tell them who you are.)

Angry Internet Guy says, "Bad Tommy! Bad!"