Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ever wonder how many nuclear arms the US has?

The US has enough nuclear weapons to blow the ENTIRE PLANET up about 1000 times over. 1000 freakin' times! And then some.

Kinda sobering thought, huh? Makes you wonder what in the world could be such a threat that we need to spend $17.6 BILLION a year to maintain them.

I suppose the government is using the theiry that we need to protect ourselves through superior firepower, but isn't there a point at which it just becomes stupid? I mean, if we blow up the entire planet (1000 times, no less...), then we didn't really protect ourselves, did we?

We have enough of them already. Jeez. We need to stop building MORE of them and focus on things that can actually make a difference.

Angry Internet Guy says, "Send our government officials back to school, because they obviously failed basic math."