Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hemlets are for the birds

You know the phrase, “He must be rolling over in his grave”? Well, Alfred Hitchcock must be laughing his butt off in his grave.

Workers at a Devon council have been issued crash helmets to protect them from the unfriendly seagulls who have taken to dive-bombing the workers attempting to gather weather data from the roof in Newton Abbot. The data is collected every day as part of standard weather forecasting and record-keeping procedures.

I just don’t get it. Sure, there are a lot of birds, and they can be nasty little buggers, but last time I checked, HUMANS were at the top of the food chain. Isn’t this exactly the reason that we evolved and invented deep fryers and mayonaisse?

Angry Internet Guy says, “Today’s Special: Seagull Sandwich and fries – $2.99”

Naked lady crashes through roof

Relax in the bathtub... then CRASH!Some guys have all the luck…

I’ve lived in a lot of apartments over the years, and I’ve never been lucky enough to have a naked woman fall through my ceiling from the apartment upstairs. This is what happened to a couple in Russia earlier this week.

Rozalia Valiakhmetova had been relaxing in her bath when the floor gave out, dropping both her and the bath tub into the apartment below. She was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries to her leg, but basically walked away from the incident with nothing harmed except her pride.

Angry Internet Guy says, “Either fix your old floors or lose that extra weight. Otherwise you’ll end up in my blog too.”