Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rolling Stones tour with defibrillator

Now THAT'S funny... The Rolling Stones are actually touring with a defibrillator backstage in case one of their elderly hearts stop pumping during a show. Long live rock & roll, huh?

Angry Internet Guy says, "Guys, it might be time to retire and enjoy your money while you can."

Hotel bans kids

Finally, a piece of news that I can relate with and be happy about. An upscale hotel in Austria has slapped a ban on kids, but they still allow guests to bring their dogs because they were "far better trained and didn't vandalize his hotel like kids did". Now that's a statement. ;)

Don't get me wrong. I love kids. I want 10 of 'em. However, I don't like OTHER PEOPLE'S kids, because it seems as though nobody knows how to discipline their children nowadays. When I was a kid, if I got out of line, my dad would whoop the bejesus out of me. It hurt, but you can bet I wouldn't whatever I got whooped for again. The point is that it's great that somebody finally put their foot down and made a stand about kids in public places. It is also worth noting that reservation bookings at this hotel have gone through the roof since this policy was instituted.

Speaking of bad kids, note my previous rant entitled Somebody smack that kid already.

Angry Internet Guy says, "This is sweet... Kids out. Pets in. (Especially bad-kid-eating boa constrictors...)"