Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Week 5 NFL picks

Week 5 has the Steelers as a 3 point underdog to San Diego on Monday Night Football. Expect the Steelers to come out like rabid wolverines in this game, particularly after having an extra week to go over Week 3's embarrassing performance against the Pats, although the Pats got their asses handed to them by SD last week. (Note: San Diego will be wearing their powder blue 1960's uniforms) I side with the Steelers on this one, not just because they're my hometeam, but because they're coming off a bye week after a "We sucked slightly more than NE" game in week 3. Bill Cowher has likely been caning these guys with bamboo rods for the last two weeks to fire them up.

Tip: San Fran is getting 14½ from Indy. With the likely start of #1 draft pick Alex Smith, look for SF to cover the spread.

Cleveland, last in the AFC North, is a 3 point favorite over Chicago, first in the NFC North. Don't let those rankings fool you, though. Chicago is only first because Detroit and Minnesota also suck, and Green Bay has yet to win a single game this season. I wouldn't bet on the outcome of this game, but if you had to, I'd say to go with Cleveland.

Cincinnati will be in Jacksonville this Sunday night for what is sure to be an exciting game to watch. The teams have a bit of a rivalry from the days of the old AFC Central, and neither side is forgetting it. Cincy's #3 offense meets Jacksonville's #3 defense. Cincinnati QB Carson Palmer currently has the league's highest completion percentage, and Cincy has scored more points in their first four games than they have since 1985.

If you're going to bet on the NFL anyway, give Angry Internet Guy the referral.

More to come. Angry Internet Guy's wife says that he isn't allowed to play on the computer until he spends some quality time with her. Expect this to be added to the list of things that piss me off. ;)