Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Imams ejected for "flying while Muslim"

Six Imams (Muslim religious figures, essentially the equivalent of a priest) were removed from a US Airways flight on Monday. While the reports are somewhat conflicting at this point, here's the basic scoop:

1. They were praying before boarding the plane. Of course, prayer is legal in this country, but when 6 Muslims are praying right before getting on the airplane, it looks suspicious to the average American. Sure - do your prayers, but do them BEFORE you get into the crowded airport while Americans are doing their early holiday flying, assholes.

2. They were reported to have been making anti-American remarks. Again, this is perfectly legal and protected by the First Amendment, but don't expect to be allowed on the airplane two minutes later, assholes.

3. They apparently asked for at least one seat belt extention, which was suspicious inasmuch as the person in question did not need one to conform to aviation guidelines. Therefore, it was assumed that he wanted to hold his giant bomb in place during takeoff, or something to that effect. If you don't fit in with the crowd, you don't get to ride the airplane, assholes.

4. They allegedly refused to sit together, and instead insisted on sitting in scattered locations, as was the case with the 9/11 hijackers. Again, if you're Muslim, don't expect to get the benefit of the doubt. And yes, it's entirely your fault, even if you weren't on one of the 9/11 planes. The terrorists hold our innocent responsible for the actions of a small group of us, so we hold your innocent responsible for the actions of a small group of you. Don't like it, take your ass back to the Middle East. As a whole, you've long since worn out your welcome here anyway, even without the terrorist stuff.

5. And worst of all, they were Muslim. Not just Muslim by religion or by birth, but rather they were "being" Muslim. Simply not a good career move when you're in a crowded airport. And don't start with that racial profiling crap... it wasn't "flying while Muslim" - it was "flying while looking like a terrorist and saying ANYTHING even remotely sounding like 'Allah' in a crowd of nervous Americans". Tiger Woods may be accepted on the golf course, but he doesn't show up with a 2 foot afro while blasting gangsta rap in his boom box. There is a time and place for being one's self, but a crowded airport around Christmas isn't it.

So sayeth Angry Internet Guy. Deal with it.


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At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

..really good article, but i was hoping u to defend the muslims (kinda disapointing).
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